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The community’s goal is to create debate and support on a variety of themes, to facilitate information sharing among individuals, and to link different groups. Its goal is to offer a platform where people can communicate, seek help, and work with one another. The community tries to promote an environment of learning, mutual growth, and meaningful relationships by bringing together people from all experiences and perspectives.

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  • Collaborative learning sessions led by industry experts.
  • Welcoming Q&A sessions to address your curiosity.
  • Exciting new content and resources to keep you informed.
  • Engaging online and offline events and meetups to connect with fellow enthusiasts.
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  • Embrace the spirit of community and embark on an enriching DevOps journey.
We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms to our friendly community!

For your convenience, this is the community links :

Technology WhatsApp Group Link
DevOps Join Group
AI, ChatGPT IL Join Group
Ansible Join Group
AWS Join Group
Azure Join Group
BigData IL Join Group
Community Join Group
Cyber IL Join Group
DevOps General Join Group
DevOps General2 Join Group
Devops IL, הסמכות הכשרות Join Group
Docker Join Group
ELK IL Join Group
FinOps IL Join Group
GCP IL Join Group
Git Join Group
GitLab Join Group
Go IL Join Group
Grafana IL Join Group
Istio IL Join Group
Jenkins Join Group
Jfrog IL Join Group
Jira Join Group
Atlassian IL
K8S Join Group
Kafka IL Join Group
Linux IL Join Group
Loki IL Join Group
Minio IL Join Group
NodeJS Join Group
Openshift IL Join Group
OpenSource IL Join Group
Prometheus IL Join Group
Pulumi IL Join Group
Python IL Join Group
Rancher IL Join Group
Redis IL Join Group
Terraform IL Join Group
Vault IL Join Group
Victoria Metrics Join Group
Zabbix IL Join Group
Migration IL Join

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